Book Review: It’s Got To Be Love by Prashant Kaul

It’s Got To Be Love by Prashant Kaul. It’s a combination of emotion love and friendship.


Book Title: It’s Got To Be LOVE
Author: Prashant Kaul
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 280
Publisher: Notion Press;
Publishing Date: 24 July 2017
Language: English

Meet Dev Sharma, a young student, who has a unique ability – he has nightmares that unfortunately come true.
It’s Got to Be Love weaves around Dev and his friend Vikram. Dev is initially smitten with Carol, a college girl, but due to various reasons, they part ways. He meets Vaani through Facebook and a steady friendship develops between them, which soon blossoms into love. However, Vaani turns down Dev, for reasons known only to her.
Will Dev win back his love?
Will Carol come into his life again?
Join Dev on his emotional roller-coaster ride in Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

The cover of the book is awesome and attractive. The title of the book matched to it’s cover. The cover n title depicts that it’s about love story. The language and narration is lucid and easy to comprehend for any kind of readers.

It’s the story of a protagonist Dev Sharma He is the only son of his parent’s, being the only kid he used to get pampered a lot. Dev has a special ability of seeing nightmare that turned true or partially true into the real world. He was a shy guy n easily get humiliated by other. Vikram & Amrish are the childhood friend of dev who support and stand for him. Dev become the martial arts chmp with the help Veer Sir

Dev…Vikram was screaming my name and his body was covered in blood…

Terrified sat up in the bed, only to realise that what he had just seen was nothing more than a nightmare. Thank God, He went back to sleep.

But later Dev nightmare was about to come true. Vikram was attacked by the envy gang. Vikram was save but due to his head injury he may lose some of his sensing abilities and Vikram lost his some track of memory.


Carol Bhar, Vaibhav, Vikram, Radha, Amrish, Dev, Vaani and Vandana the characters with the package of love, friendship, lust, loyality, betrayal, angry, grief pain its all a triangle of emotions. Dev falls in love with Carol. Everything was going good and smoothly between Dev and Carol at first. He meets Vaani through Facebook and a steady friendship develops between them, soon their relationship bond grew strongest ever friendship between them. Here in this side, things were getting worse day by day between Carol and Dev and even after trying numerous times to hold on, finally the time came when they parted themselves from each other and made their way separated. On the other side, Dev met Vaani and their relationship reached a new level with time. Vikram and Radha are also in relationship. Vandhana was the real friend a lot.

I would recommend this book to all those who love to read love stories. Be in love .. it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

Overall I personally rate the book 5 out of 5


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  1. Asha Venu says:

    sounds good


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