Book Review : I Wear The Smile You Gave by Shweta Shah

I wear the smile you gave is written by Shweta Shah is a romantic thriller.


Book Title: I wear the smile you gave
Author: Shweta Shah
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 204
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Publishing Date: 4th Sept 2017
ISBN-10: 9386673932
ISBN-13: 978-9386673930

Ajeet is a commoner, a boy next door who is away from the Worldliness and moreover just a happy-go-lucky guy. Aditi and Ajeet are batch mates in a Junior College and share a good chemistry. Aditi is all head over heels for Ajeet and without any hesitation, irrespective of the time and place boldly conveys her feelings for him. Ajeet was infatuated towards Aditi, however, finds his true love in Sumi whom he meets in his coaching class. Wanting to break away from the conventional norms and the shackles of a traditional familial business and to prove his worth to his dad, Ajeet joins Army. Years later a tragedy connects Ajeet, Sumi, and Aditi once again, however, changing their lives forever.

My Take

The first impression is the best impression the foremost thing which I liked in the book is the beautiful cover and its little unusual title “I wear the smile you gave” from other usual romantic fictions, it indeed developed the curiosity within me to know what author meant by it. The Cover is beautiful and attractiveThis is a perfect blend of love, romance, relationships and life. This is the debut novel of author but we don’t seriously feel as if we are reading a book written by a debut author.

The story is about an army man. Army job demands us to be robust not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. The training and circumstances do make us tough but still there resides a loving and a caring heart. The protagonist of the story are Ajeet, Sumi and Aditi. Ajeet enters the flashback after his wife Sumi is being admitted in the hospital and the story unfolds creating a glimpse of love triangle between Ajeet, Sumi and Aditi. “My college memories crept in and i was lost. It was Aditi because of whom my life had changed forever, for good or bad.. Difficult to say.” Ajeet was infactuated with her but later he finds his true love Sumi, whom he meet during coaching classes. This love triangle takes these three lives to a level where all of them gets changed in a certain way. after a few years, Solving Sumi’s problem with Adhrit he confess his love with her.

The moments spent with you… I find inadequate and few,

Yet, keeping the promise that i made,

i wear the smile you gave

the language of the book is simple which will make it easy to read for the readers. The story flows like a movie and takes the reader on a journey of true love. The every scene is so well written than you can actually get images of them in your mind.

The combat gear,

without you my love, i live this life for namesake, everything seems lifeless and just so fake,

yet keeping the promise that i made,

I Wear The Smile You Gave…

The book is highly recommended to romance lovers, the book has worth to be carried and flaunt because it has got a magical touch of love which can be done in a single sitting. this is the debut novel of author but we don’t seriously feels as if we are reading a book written by a debut author.

I personally rate 5 out 5.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Empress DJ says:

    I like the sound of this one – well done!


  2. Lovely review. Looks good.


  3. Asha Venu says:

    i loved this one


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