Book Review: The Boy With A Broken Heart by Durjoy Datta



Book Title: The Boy With A Broken Heart
Author: Durjoy Datta
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 327
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin India
Publishing Date: 27th November 2017
ISBN-10: 0143426583
ISBN-13: 978-0143426585

You’re asking me to hold your hand. And now you’re turning away from me. You are saying something but I can’t hear you. It’s too windy. You’re crying now. Now you’re smiling. I’m done. I love you . . .’

It’s been two years since Raghu left his first love, Brahmi, on the edge of the roof one fateful night. He couldn’t save her; he couldn’t be with her. Having lost everything, Raghu now wants to stay hidden from the world.
However, the annoyingly persistent Advaita finds his elusiveness very attractive. And the more he ignores her, the more she’s drawn to him till she bulldozes her way into an unlikely friendship.
What attracts at first, begins to grate. Advaita can’t help but want to know what Raghu has left behind, what he’s hiding, and who broke his heart. She wants to love him back to life, but for that she needs to know what wrecked him in the first place.
After all, the antidote to heartache is love.

Book has been described perfectly which creates alacrity among readers to read this book. Cover as well as Title of the book is catchy and truly great.

This is the story of the protagonist Advaita Vaid with the journal entry.  She is from a small town and lives in a joint orthodox family in Dehradun. All the elderly members of family except her parents are completely hypocrites and a promoter of caste ism. Advaita’s mother belongs to a lower caste. It was almost disgusting to read the kind of insults that were hurled at her and her daughters. If you do read the news you know in your heart that everything that has been penned down by the author happens for real in many parts of India even today. She leads a terrible life at her home where her mother and her sister are constantly abused and treated like dirt. Only if life was that simple! Situation at her home worsens as she is forced to marry a Meghnad by her bua; the same guy who was after her elder sister Divya Vaid and who did not leave any stone unturned to make her life hell. It has been two years since Brahmi jumped off the terrace and we get introduced with Raghu Ganguly through Advaita who finds his elusiveness attractive. Though she has a lot of pain of herself to tend to, she is keen on finding what happened with Raghu that left his devastated and made him run from a city like Delhi. This strange attraction soon gives way into a friendship that they would cherish forever. Advaita and Raghu share is a bond of friendship.  They both meet each other by a couple of coincidence but as the story goes on they both gave there bond a tag of BEST-FRIEND. Mainly story revolve around 3 characters, Advaita, Raghu and Meghnad (Roadside romeo who have a back of his rich father and with a mindset that he can do anything to anyone).  Advaita’s bua is a truly evil woman who would go to any length to insult her mother and all they can do due to the lack of money is bear with it in hope of a better tomorrow. The book rather explores the kind of atrocities or torture a woman face in a male dominated society. To top that, The book also focuses on how easy it is to tag a girl as slut. Ending of story was unpredictable as it ends with so many unanswered question.

While reading this book you will start living it and connect yourself with the book. Language is simple and easy to understand. Plot of the book is amazing and characterization of every character built up in the book is awesome. Book is not too long and it is very well connected which makes it the best read.  It’s combination of friendship, love, trust, sacrifice, and life.

Waiting for next boys series to know more about Raghu, Adavita and Bhrami.

Overall rating 4/5 stars.

Recommend to all book lovers.


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