Book Review: Life is beautiful* (Conditions Apply) by Ravi Jaswani , Amreen Sayed


Book Title: Life Is Beautiful* (Conditions Apply)
Author: Ravi Jaswani, Amreen Sayed
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 112
Language: English
Publisher: Notion Press edition (2018)
Publishing Date: 1st edition 2018
ISBN-10: 1947949519
ISBN-13: 978-1947949515

Who in the world does not want success, happiness, and the ability to get the best out of life? Who does not want all their wishes to come true? No one!

But what do you need to do to achieve all of this?

Nothing in this world is free of cost, but you can get almost everything you want if you are ready to do what it takes.

Indeed, life is beautiful; but there are conditions. This book is a guide for people who are trying to unveil the secrets to a beautiful life. The book will not help you unless you are ready to help yourself. We assure you that everything will change and life will definitely turn out to be beautiful if you apply everything you read.

The success of our life is measured by our ability to live happily and die peacefully with our loved ones beside us; not by the mere accumulation of wealth

Starting from the cover its beautiful and eye catchy. The title Life is beautiful must say after reading the book there can be no better title than this. The Life is beautiful is beautiful novel with unique plot and amazing story line. Characterization was perfect and readers can connect to the story. Narration is perfect. The language of the book is simple which will make it easy to read for the readers. The every scene with examples is so well written than you can actually get images of them in your mind and gets motivated.

Work to live…

Live to work…

But don’t leave “happy living” for work…

Ravi Jaswani

Ravi has completed his post-graduation in management from MIT Pune. He worked as the HOD and placement coordinator in a management college. He is currently working with the State Bank of India. He is also the Founder and Director of Team Drushtikone, which was initially just an association of people that wanted to serve society, but now it has grown and impacted more than 10,000 lives. Being a motivational speaker, Ravi’s passion is to impart skills on living life positively by conducting live workshops and training programmes. He has inspired many young talents to chase their dreams.

Amreen Sayed

Amreen is a vivacious, dynamic and budding persona, who has the guts to speak her mind. She lives in Mumbai and works with the State Bank of India. Extremely competitive in nature, she has always been on top in every field she stepped in. Her optimistic approach towards life became the biggest source of writing this book.

Recommend to all for a light read…

Overall rating 4/5 stars

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