Book Review: RAMAYANA The Game Of Life By Shubha Vilas


Book Title: Ramayana Strand Strong
Author: Shubha Vilas
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 316 pages
Language:  English
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publishing Date: 30 September 2017
ISBN-10: 9386348926
ISBN-13: 978-9386348920

The Ramayana is not a story. It’s a way of life. It’s the game of life.

Life is a constant reminder that nothing, however powerful in one season, remains unchanging. The endless cycles of change can truly us if we are unprepared to face its realities. However, we often see these changing times as problems larger than they really are. Many issues in life when perceived with fear, result in pain; but when perceived with CLARITY, result is FREEDOM.

Situations of helplessness are almost always created by our own limited imagination.

Do you have the courage to face your fears?
Stand Strong, the fourth book in Ramayana: The Game of Life series reminds us through its eternal stories — such as the tale of brothers Vali and Sugriva — that life is like a high-risk treasure hunt: one often has to walk through a maze of confusing paths while being chased by dangerously complex dilemmas to find the hidden treasure of wisdom.

The cover image in blue that depicts the sky and an eagle flying is a delight to watch. The title of the perfectly matches with the sub title which says ‘Stand Strong’ and the eagle is a perfect metaphor for strength.


Starting from the cover of this book is light colored with blue theme and a flying bird says freedom and peace and the title is perfect.

If I were to describe it in just a word I’d say, “Gripping.

Mythology especially Indian Mythology has a special charm. It is open to a wide range of interpretations. It holds in its bosom so many stories, stories told and untold, stories that can shake you to the core, stories that when seen from different angles give one different perceptions of human nature. What to one may seem good will to another be a source of criticism. Since childhood am seeing and hearing the stories of Ramayana, but I have never understood the true meaning of those tales. I got the real feel of Ramayana and understood what an epic it is after reading Stand Strong. This is the fourth book in Rmayama Series By Shubha Vilas. The story retelling of the Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki’s epic “Ramayana”. It is basically, a recitation of the epic with practical life lessons, something that can be enjoyed by readers of any age.

The story starts with Lord Rama and  Lakshmana’s search for Sitadevi, which takes them to the Rishimukh mountain range. Here, they are spotted by Nala, Nila and Taru, who failed to recognize them and rushed towards Sugriva to warn him of upcoming danger. Hanuman finally meets his master and recognizes his life’s goal. Hanuman takes them to Sugriva, who has almost given up the fight with this brother, Vali. It explains in detail about Vali’s regular torture and life threatening and humiliating attempts towards Sugriva. Ram wins back Sugriva’s lost empire in return of favor to find Sita. Lord Rama made justice by killing Vali. As Rama helps Sugriva in his battle, the monkey clan comes together and watches the mighty Rama with awe and respect. Henceforth, the clan is dedicated to Rama’s mission and Sugriva promised to find Mother Sita from evil entity Ravana. Sugriva forms troops of millions and trillions monkeys to find Sita. When it is confirmed that Sita is in Lanka, the kingdom of the beast Ravana, Hanuman is all set to leap from the Mount Mahendra to fulfill his sole purpose.

Fear and love both result in seeing presence in absence. Fear dreads the presence and love dreads the absence

The language is as usual simple, crisp and lucid with the power to bring forth the scene of action live before one’s eyes. The style of narration and the pace are perfect. Characterization has always been the author’s strong point and this one is no exception.  The writer’s words has the capacity to hold the reader till the last page. There are some absolutely motivational lines that are in the book. The Ramayana series could be used as reference, especially for those who enjoy spiritual lessons. But for the others, this book is equally good and can teach a thing or two about our age old but precious wisdom. Our epics are based on the struggles and obstacles faced by humans but also reveal how to deal with the same and live one’s life ideally. The way this epic has been presented is truly appreciable. The wisdom on the basis of this timeless tale. Wisdom at almost each page, as a footnote, describes the points flawlessly and effectively.  There are pearls of wisdom at the bottom of every page. A very useful tool for us and the younger generation. Its a sure shot way to inculcate some mythology in them. At the end of it all, it was an illuminating experience, at least for me.

Stand Strong by Shubha Vilas, definitely touches the heart of the reader and gives strong messages, that nothing on the Earth happens purposelessly, every incident and every birth has a meaning hidden. Just a flawless work…. amazing.

I would recommend this to all youth across the world

Overall Ratings- 5/5 Stars

About the Author


Shubha Vilas is a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker. He helps people in dealing with modern-day life situations through the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and other dharmic traditions. He conducts leadership seminars in premier institutes across the world and inspires deeper human values.

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  2. Empress DJ says:

    This one sounds thought provoking

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    You had my attention at Ramayana. I have always loved that so I am definitely going to check this one out..

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    Based on your review I would agree with gripping.

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    I really enjoyed your review. It sounds like a strong read.

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    sounds super interesting

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    Sounds like a thought-provoking book!

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  8. Allie Bock says:

    All I can say is Wow! Your review is excellent. Personally, I don’t know much about Indian mythology. But after reading your review, I want to know more!

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  9. It sounds like everyone could learn something from this book. Great review!

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  10. Thanks
    just start from the first series of this book. you will enjoy reading…


  11. Great review. I’m not a lover of mythology though.

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    thank you for your review, I am planning a two year journey to places where the Ramayana traveled – this is very helpful

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