Interview With Harsha Sheelam

Harsha Sheelam

Harsha Sheelam, born in Hyderabad, India. She is a graduate in business administration and professional writer. Social causes, politics, fashion, travel, have been a few subjects she covered in magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Today, she is devoted to the mission of empowering young girls and boys by focusing on the issues of today. She believes that children need to stand up for themselves and be unpardonable when they face any atrocities. She has the dedication to her craft with the main motive to make the children believe that they are beautiful inside and out.

Today she is a children’ book author, she debuted in 2017 with the book Beautiful Inside and Out which is a collection of short stories. She launched it with the aim of empowering young girls and boys. She has the dedication to her craft which makes the children believe that they are beautiful inside and out. Same year her juvenile fiction novel, Good Exists in all that Exists released. As the title suggests, the book is based around the theme of ‘good overpowering the bad’.  There is a hidden meaning  for every action. The book does not fail to enhance the enchanted experience of the reader.

Beginning of a new year, in 2018 The House of Terry Atterberry made it to book-selling portals. Terry’s tales champion hard work, perseverance, honesty and compassion. The riches that kids gain through this book are overcoming fear, not undermining people, understanding no one is perfect, knowing your true friends, and more. The book is a collection of 15 inspiring fables from the life of a fictional character.

A couple of easy questions to begin with… First off, what inspires you to write? 

Writing gives me peace of mind. It’s an escape from reality. It helps me to be recognized for my passion towards work.

What does your writing space look like? 

It’s very simple. I don’t like too many things so I keep it very organized and clean with the least things. But when it’s messy it looks like this.

20180512_190607 (1).png
Harsha’s writing desk

Can you tell us about your writing process? What’s a typical writing day for you? 

When I sit down to write, I do it when I’m alone. It has to be quiet all around for me to get at it. Also, I don’t sit for long hours. I do it as long as I’m giving my best. Once I feel my mind is saturated with ideas, I leave it for the next day.

 Please tell us something more about your book?

My debut book ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ and the other short stories book ‘The House of Terry Atterberry’ are children’s books for empowering them and making them understand that they are unputdownable and beautiful just the way they are. There is possibly no one who can make them think otherwise.

The novel ‘Good Exists in all that Exists’ is a fictional story about a young girl named, Claire. It’s about the victory of good over evil.

Good Exists in all that Exists, Beautiful Inside and Out, The House of Terry Atterberry

Out of all the books you’ve written, do you have a favorite?

I can’t choose one. It’s like choosing my favorite eye. Equal dedication and thought process goes into making the stories. It’s too hard to decide.

What inspired you to write a book based on this genre?

Fiction and children’s book are something I have been reading since I was a child. I used to love reading them because my grandfather used to give them to me. Even at the age of 93 he loved to read children’s books and so do I. It was like my destiny to write this genre, it came to me.

Other than writing, what are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about music, I love listening to sitar music and also love playing it. I love art and I do embroidery to bring that in my life.

What are your top three favorite books of all time?

Archie comics are what I read even today. So, that’s my top favorite. I still haven’t come across my other two favorites.

What were some of the challenges you faced on the road to publication?

It was pretty smooth, finding an illustrator is a tough job. Someone who thinks like you and has the same picture on their mind that you have. Of course, the royalties are an issue for 80% authors. Some publishers aren’t so true as they seem to be.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Keep in mind you’re writing for yourself first. It has to satisfy your soul and you need to be confident about it, only then will others embrace it.

Here are some of the links via you can contact her

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It was really a privilege interviewing you. Hope you enjoyed the interview.

Thank you!!

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