Book Review: The Mysterious Widows of Mehboobpura By Anuradha Singh


Book Title: The Mysterious Widows Of Mehboobpura
Author: Anuradha Singh 
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 196 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Notion Press,
Publishing Date: 24 April 2018
ISBN-10: 1643240498
ISBN-13: 978-1643240497

Ira is an army Officer wife, posted at Ferozepur Cantonment, she is a passionate teacher.

Nimrat is a new admission in her class, a daughter of a queer looking Veer Nari.

Ira is worried that Nimrat is not studying well, being passionate about her work, she goes to Nimrat’s house to meet her mother and talk about Nimrat’s poor performance in school at Mehboobpura Pind and is reeled by the look and character of the Pind.

She comes across some very devastating information about the Pind and now is hunted by the goons. Ira’s life is in danger. She has to finish these diabolical people or she will be finished.

Will Ira be successful in unfolding and further finishing the racket?

Will she come out of it unscathed?

My Take

The cover of the book is simple and the title of the book The Mysterious Widows Of Mehboobpura  is thoughtful, and completely justifying the story. They complement each other well and also is according to the story, so it’s a perfect combination.

The plot is strong and the author has been able to do full justice to it. The plot covers social evils like drugs, prostitution, human trafficking army, veer nari lifes and struggles. The author has clearly crafted the family life of army officer. The Joy, pride, tears, hardships, separation , skipped heartbeats, the uncertainty and ecstasy.

Every chapter starts with a poem which are beautiful and really meaningful.The words were simple and the language is lucid which eased the reading.  The pace is perfect, neither slow nor too fast. It is steady and smooth.

The author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. The characters are well developed and one can easily relate to their actions, reactions, mental agony, outbursts, etc.

The book is free from any grammatical errors and has been perfectly edited. If the Punjabi and Hindi dialogues were translated into English it was much better since everyone will not able to understand it. The book has a very powerful message to deliver.

My favorite character from the book is Ira. “A charming Army wife, a masterful mother, A multi tasker and a teacher, And now an adventurer?”  Never felt my interest waning. The ending part of the story i enjoyed a lot Kulwinder, Jagtar and Ira together made their attempt successful. With every turning page the curiosity to read further keeps on increasing.

You shout at me, tie me and kick me,

And harass me, but I will get up…

Dreams are my teachers

They show me the way to my destiny

Difficult is the way, but strong is my resolve.

A valiant soldier he is

Who does not know any other way

Apart from truth, integrity, righteousness

And love for his motherland.

Evil will dwell, roam and spread around

Good will always evoke in some soul, daring… to finish evil.

Looking forward to read more works by the author.

I personally recommended this book to all readers.

Overall 4/5 Stars

About the Author


Anuradha is working in the field of academics from past 18 years. She has worked in a variety of schools across India as an English Language teacher. Currently she is working in Nalanda International University. She is also an avid blogger and writes from her heart at www.

Being a post graduate in English Literature and then working as a teacher, writing poems, travelogues, articles and then a novel came naturally to her.

As an army officer wife, she has experienced and explored India from North to South and East to West as India’s true citizen. She loves every moment of her wandering life and calls herself as the new age gypsy. Hence the backdrop of her first novel is army itself.

A mother of two boisterous boys and a charming lady wife of a serving officer, a teacher and a writer, she wears all these varied caps with élan.

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  1. Sounds like this book covers some really topical subjects. Great review.

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  2. Great review. Glad you enjoyed it!

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  3. Jordanne says:

    Great Review, sounds interesting, I’ll have to have a look!

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  4. Jo Linsdell says:

    Great review. Sounds like an interesting read.

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  5. Empress DJ says:

    Nicely done – this one sounds intense

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  6. Shayne says:

    Great review! I like how you have different sections that discuss different subtopics like a summary, thoughts, and a blurb about the author!

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  7. bookwormscornerblogspot says:

    Nice review. It’s so good when you find a great read

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  8. Sounds intriguing 🙂

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  9. Shilpa says:

    This sounds like an interesting read.. 😱

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  10. Wow this sounds really interesting

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  11. Jo ~ Beyond the Lamp Post says:

    This book sounds really interesting – I even went to find a preview of it. You’re right about the Punjabi and Hindi needing to be translated though. I only read a couple of pages but there were already things I was missing.


  12. i can promise you will not get disappointed with this book


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