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“Arcacia – One of the most exciting children’s fantasy novels of the Year!”
When a beautiful sorceress-queen, Selina, spurns Setanor, a powerful, jealous northern warlock, an invasion of Western Arcacia begins. To save her newborn triplets from death, they are cast down a magical river to the New World, a place called, ‘London, England.’ This is the spellbinding story of these children, heirs to Arcacia, separated after birth in an ancient magical world…
Thirteen years later in a cold attic in London… Sophie, one of the Sorceress’s children, lives in a run-down orphanage on the verge of closure. To her astonishment, everything changes when a young witch arrives through her bedroom window with an incredible message. The witch, Olivia, daughter of Druidor, a great wizard, flies her to Arcacia where she starts a new school, Wardor Towers as well as a new life sprinkled with magic…
This is the story of five children, Sophie and her new friends, Edwin, Rowen, Olivia and Rees from Arcacia. Together, they embark on a quest to restore stability to Arcacia while searching for Sophie’s mother, the sorceress-queen and her estranged family.
Guided by Druidor and Sophie’s white falcon, ‘Ghost,’ as well as Taeragon, king of dragons, the children grapple with incredible mystical creatures, powerful witches, dragons, sea-maidens and shadowy sceptres. Meanwhile, Setanor of Crowdor, a terrifying warlock and Lilith, his evil witch-consort have sent a secret enemy to engineer their demise.
Ultimately, The fate of Arcacia and their loved ones, depends on the courage, and strength of heart of these friends.

For those who enjoy classic children’s fantasy and adventure, this story of dragons, witches, wizards and daemon-trolls is a fabulous novel not to be missed. With courageous, young heroes and heroines; a dramatic plot with amazing twists, and strong themes of family and friendship, the memorable characters of, ‘Arcacia,’ will stay with you for a lifetime.

‘Arcacia,’ is in the same fantasy genre as books such as the Narnia Chronicles, e.g. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, Journey to the Sea by Eva Ibbotson, The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy, Lord of the Rings by J.R. Tolkein, Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin, The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, Five Children and It by E. Nesbit, Watership Down by Richard Adams or children’s stories by Neil Gaimen.

Read an excerpt from the book…

The prologue to, ‘Arcacia,’ outlines the events leading up to the Great thirteen year war in Arcacia, a magical realm of the Old World. To avert the threat of invasion from the northern territories, Selina’s father, a King of the Argenon family clan had promised his beautiful daughter, Selina’s hand in marriage to Setanor, a powerful warlock from the north. The aggressive sorcerer ruling family houses of the North had always openly threatened to invade rich, flourishing lands of western Arcacia. So far the Argenons and their people had managed to keep them at bay but this was getting harder.
Selina, a strong, beautiful well-educated Arcacian lady is adamant she’d rather stand up to Setanor than subject the people she loves to a life-time of tyranny. After her father suddenly passes away Selina breaks his oath; gives up her magic powers, and chooses to marry an Arcacian commander. Harris originated from a strange world called England in the New World, he is unlike other Arcacians; Harris is human. Selina forfeits her magical powers by marrying an outsider, as is dictated by law. They have three beautiful babies, triplets a boy and two girls. But Setanor who wanted to inherit Western Arcacia and who genuinely fell in love with Selina from afar, is furious, perceiving her derisory actions to be an act of scorn and disrespect.
He declares war on Arcacia, and one fateful night he appears with his guards to Selina’s home, captures Selina, and banishes Harris to the underworld. Before being imprisoned and spellbound in a tower, ‘Until she comes to her senses and agrees to accept Setanor,’ Selina pleads with Set’s commander, Garwain, also her paternal uncle to spare her babies. He complies, placing them in an enclosed basket which he casts down a magical river that forks to the New world to,’ London, England,’ the land of their father, not knowing if they will live or die.
The children survive but are separated. A mysterious woman who finds the babies floating along the river, takes one of them, a girl, to raise herself. A wolf suckles the boy who is discovered in the forest then raised by an elf-Queen and her people. Meanwhile the third child a girl, Sophie drifts on to England.

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