Book Review: Bring ‘Em On Unleash: Confront Conquer By Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’


Book Title: Bring ‘Em On: Unleash Confront Conquer
Author: Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’
Format: Kindle Edition
Total Number of Pages: 412 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Notion Press
Publishing Date: 17 April 2018

Is living becoming irksome? Are relationships turning sour/unsustainable? Are you at a crossroads, confused, in a Catch-22 situation, in need of counsel and advice? Do you find others unbearable?

You aren’t lost/ebbed/withered/a spent force. You are laying your hands on the panacea. Receiving, imbibing, assimilating and implementing all that is contained herein would usher in the transformation. Relevant, situation-centric, situation-specific, contextual, and with value-addition, you will stand strengthened and empowered after going through this book. It does not matter whether you are an upstart or a virtuoso in your chosen area, or if you are confined to working at/from home or are on a globe-trotting spree. You are bound to be caught in circumstances that could be dicey. Who isn’t in need of a helping hand? You would benefit substantially from the doses of motivation, solace, analogies and anecdotes contained herein.

Go through the contents and face the vicissitudes with courage.

Finally, ‘Bang ’em on’ after you ‘Bring ’em on’!

My Take 

Starting from the cover of the book broken chain in green and gray color and black color background. The title of the book is good.  The cover and the title of the book is apt according to the plot of the book.

The book start with What’s life? each and every word while reading it i fell like it’s talking about my life. The book is divided into chapters likes Who Am I/ You/ Yourself?, Inner Calling, Purpose of Living, Nuances Of Life, Few More Shades (Other Aspects of Bring ‘Em On…!!), Self Belief or Faith, Rare or Diverse, Education, Norms/ Patterns/ Society, Plasticity/ Show off , Competitiveness, Class/ Quality/ Standard, Behavior Patterns, People Skills, Persona/ Aura/ Charisma, Passion/ Intensity, Adamancy , Creativity, Excitement/ Thrill, Mindset (State of Mind), Love, Preparation/ Implementation, Relationship, Setbacks/ Failure/ Adversities, Weakness/ Fraility Resilience, Value, Time/ Motion/ Productivity , Skill & Interests, Improvement/ Better, Integrity/ Intent/ Niyat/ Truth, Success, Change, Wisdom/ Intellect, Sensitivity and Earth. There are many inspiring quotes in book and narration on each topic is well crafted. The book is free from any grammatical errors and has been perfectly edited. Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader.

“There could be those roadblocks and hurdles that might be dissuading and lead toward giving it up. Still, if there is the doggedness to move on, it can be thrilling and charging.”– Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’
“Do not be struck but strike. There is no point in waiting for anything. The best thing is to do.”– Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’
“Pressure leads things to crumble, no matter what the thing could be. Give thrust to whatever you do, without pressure.”– Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’
“The present moment is inevitable. The moment is MOMENTARY but can be made MOMENTOUS if you can be in it. It is difficult but can make you the dynamic personality. Value each moment.”– Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’
“Let loose no opportunity, nor lose any opportunity. All things have the opportunity cost. Feel it and value it.”– Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’

All in all, a good easy book to read. I’ll recommend this book to all readers.

Overall rating 4/5 Stars.

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About the Author


Why are some born to live differently despite being brought up in comfortable settings? When contemporaries are given to seek earthly joys and pleasures, being found most of the times in hangouts and discotheques visited by the young, what makes some people wean away to a solitary corner and be in their own world? Such men are not introverted or loathe communicating, yet conversations bordering on pedestrian thinking and basal issues are anathema to them. Why? Rachit Ghate has the answer to these in this book.The writer has come out with this piece after profound thinking on issues and concerns covering a wide range of subjects: environment, cosmos, working, ethics and etiquettes, home truths and so on. At an early stage, he was influenced by subtleties and the inner force that drives all and sundry. Crusading for the proper upkeep of the environment, coupled with true and unabated worship of Nature and her gifts, the author leaves no stone unturned to educate and spread awareness among those in contact and communication.

Equipped with a master’s in management and becoming intensely involved with the student community comprising college students and the young, Rachit hopes to strike a good chord, making them effective change agents in his mission to save Planet Earth; hence this piece.

You can stalk him @ Facebook | Instagram

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    great review


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