Book Review: Two Shades Of Yellow by Akanksha Mishra


Book Title: Two Shades Of Yellow
Author: Akanksha Mishra
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 272
Language: English
Publisher: Notion Press
Publishing Date: 1 edition 2018
ISBN-10: 1642496162
ISBN-13: 978-1642496161

Love is beautiful, sweet, and amazing when things go well. The world seems like heaven but equally arduous when you have to travel this journey of love with lots of distress, disappointments, and confusion created by people, situations, and even the person you are in love with.

Diya is a beautiful innocent girl, and her story touches every girl who is trapped in a two-faced society. She looks normal, but inside, she is a one-woman army. She is in a war against the male-dominated world.

Yellow is not just a shade in Diya’s life, it has a significance in her lifelong journey. Diya hates boys and men. She is afraid and distressed by all of them. Despite so much hate, she fell in love with Rahul, a boy who promised her to marry but ended up leaving her all alone.

Diya isn’t happy. She wants to leave the city, and fortunately, she found a job in an MNC. Here, she met Ronit, and he did unexpected things she never would have imagined for her.

Will Ronit help her or land her in more trouble?

It’s not just Diya’s story but the story of a girl who is trapped in the society, fighting for her dreams and dignity. Diya is a girl you know ‘Or’ the girl next door ‘Or’ maybe this is you in her story.

My Take

The cover of the book is simple a girl with umbrella waking on the on the grassland in yellow shades. The cover can be much better but it’s perfectly matches according to plot and title.

This is the story of protagonist Diya who is sexually harassed from childhood in the name of love and it continued for several phase by different men. The worst part of this was that Diya was not able to share the problems with her mother and started writing dairy. She has lost trust in men and get’s scared with when men are around. The author has pointed out the problems happening in our society and had given the solution for child abuse. Parent’s should teach evil touch and gentle touch. Mother’s should always be friendly with there child to able to share there problems.

The plot is blend of emotions, heartbreaks, romance, affection, agony, betrayal and most importantly family values. With every turning page the curiosity to read further keeps on increasing.

Pace of the story was steady and smooth. Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. The author had mentioned the meaning of Hindi words used in the book at last page which is very helpful so everyone will able to understand the meaning. A few typographical errors here and there need to be rectified.

The author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. Narration of the book is done well.

I’ll recommend this book to the parents.

Overall Ratings 3.5/5 Stars

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About the Author


Akanksha lives in Allahabad with her parents. She is a student and likes the cheerful atmosphere around her. She is passionate about singing and dancing. She writes poetries and short stories and wants her debut novel to reach the hearts of millions of readers.

You can stalk her Facebook |Twitter

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    Probably not a book I would read but great review!


  2. Great review! The cover certainly grabbed my attention.


  3. Hadn’t heard of this one yet!


  4. Manon says:

    Great review! I havent heard of this book before.


  5. bookwormscornerblogspot says:

    I could not read this book as stories of abuse are a huge no go area for me. I do think your review was well thought out and brilliantly written.


  6. Love, Sawyer says:

    Great review! I like the sounds of this book. I appreciate anything that brings attention to the fact that parents need to teach their children what is and isn’t appropriate. It seems too often they just assume it won’t happen to their child.


  7. Beautifully written review!😊


  8. The cover reminds me of some old school classic


  9. Nice Review 🙂


  10. Empress DJ says:

    Well done, this one sounds like a heart-squeezer


  11. this is so diff & good to read


  12. Great review!


  13. Evil Touch vs Gentle Touch is so incredibly important. Along with anatomically correct names–if the child tells a teacher a weird name for her private area, they may not make the connection that it is abuse.


  14. itsnikhat says:

    Well written review. 🙂


  15. Not really my kind of book. Great review.


  16. Cia Black says:

    This one has me on the fence.


  17. Vance says:

    These servers offer multiple DNS assistance.


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