Book Review: The Barefoot Road by Vivienne Vermes


Book Title: The Barefoot Road
Author: Vivienne Vermes
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 319
Language: English
Publisher: Matador
Publishing Date: 10 May 2018
ISBN-10: 1788038630
ISBN-13: 978-1788038638 

The Barefoot Road
Vivienne Vermes’ debut novel is a gripping read which will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction, thrillers and evocative themes. The book begins with a young woman found, emaciated and unconscious, in the mountains surrounding a village in Transylvania. When it is discovered that she is of an ethnic group which was violently driven out of the regions many years before, old wounds are reopened as the villagers are reminded of their role in the bloodshed.
An uneasy peace is maintained until a young married man falls in love with the girl, and tension begin to rise within the community. The mysterious disappearance of a child causes this tension to mount into hysteria, driving the story to its chilling outcome.

My Take

“The Barefoot Road” a novel by “Vivienne Vermes”. I had heard that, “never judge a book by its cover.” But it would not be wrong to say that you can do this with this book, the story is as brilliant as the cover is beautiful.

Cover of The Barefoot Road, a beautiful painting decorated with different colors, which attracts the book.
The silent dark night, the flames of fire rising from inside the house, and blood flowing on the road, on one hand fear-less couple Everything that creates an eagerness to overturn the pages of the book.
The title of the book “The Barefoot Road”, is as much as Catchy and is as fascinating as cover.
It is not difficult to guess the book from the book’s title and cover page, that this book is a great collection of struggles and inspirations.

Blurb of the story is described as ‘a fable for our time about racial division, set in historical Transylvania’. The story begins with a young woman found, emaciated and unconscious, in the mountains surrounding a village in Transylvania.

This story is a critical social commentary which has huge relevance. Language is simple and lucid easy to comprehend any kind of reader’s. Narration is cool and engaging through out the book. Pace is perfect neither to slow or fast. Writing of the story is fascinating, and it keeps the reader involved.

Recommended to all the book lover’s.

Overall Ratings 4/5 Star

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About The Author

Vivienne Vermes is a writer and actress of Irish and Hungarian descent who divides her time between Paris and London. She has published four collections of poetry: Sand Woman, Metamorphoses, Passages and When the World Stops Spinning, and has performed her work in festivals throughout Europe. She is winner of the Piccadilly Poets’ award, the Mail on Sunday’s Best Opening of a Novel competition, as well as Flash 500s prize for short prose and the Paragram national competition for best poem and “petite prose”. She has taught creative writing in universities in Transylvania, and runs a writers’ workshop in Paris.
As an actress, she has played roles in a number of French films, including Les Trois Frères, Le Retour and in Les Profs 2 in which she portrayed Queen Elizabeth II. Her voice also warns passengers on the Paris metro to “Mind the gap”.
The Barefoot Road is her first novel.

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  1. jenchaos76 says:

    I like these kind if books.


  2. 4 stars! That sounds interesting


  3. Garima Sharma says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m very excited to start the book


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