Book Review: Because I Love you by Pradeep Chauhan


Book Title: Because I Love you
Author: Pradeep Chauhan
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 
Language: English
Publisher: Anjuman Prakashan
Publishing Date: 31 July 2018
ISBN-10: 9789386027955
ISBN-13: 978-9386027955

A grave smile on her face tried to hide the pain, she had decided to let feel him only beautiful moments she lived. Radha covered Kanaji’s head with her chunari, he closed eyes and submitted his body when she gently guided his head to her heart. He felt losing control over all his senses and could not feel himself when his head was on her heart. She closed eyes and let Kanaji enter herself; he felt soft, delicate and beautiful. He felt her silky hairs on his head; he felt being loved, being pampered by father, being scolded my mother. Girlish play with friends, affection of father and feeling like princess in father’s arm. But Kanaji did not want to feel only beautiful moments of her life, he invaded further; she did not know when he overpowered and reached the painful memory she had been hiding since days. Will Kanaji keep his promise after knowing truth?

My Take

Starting from the cover of the book is simple. It’s been said that never judge a book by looking at its cover alone but with some creativity, it could have been much better to catch attraction among readers. The title of the book “Because I Love you” gives the reader an absolute idea that it’s going to be a love story and apt acording to the plot.

The book is a roller coaster ride of emotions friendship, love, family, parents, mythology, hurt, pain, disloyalty, dream, agony, hope, fights, affection, music, nature, animals, truth, pure love, devotion, mystery, twist and many more.

The is the story of protagonist Kanaji and Radha from tribal areas of Gujarat. Kanji loves to be with nature and flute and Radha had a sweet-toned voice scholastic girl wants to study further and become a doctor. The story starts with Kanaji childhood days where he  was making excuses for not going school to play flute on the other hand he meets Radha with a charming voice and beauty with brain. Radha’s voice and Kanaji is flute together makes a perfect combination. The fall for each other but got separated by time. Destiny had made some other plans to reunite them once again at construction site. To know more what happen next in the saga of pure love read the book.

Language of the book is very simple and can be easily relatable. The book which won’t require the use of a dictionary, a book which even an amateur reader would love to get indulged in the book.  Plot of  plot of this book is basically simple. The characters in the story are good, but a more strength would have added more weight to the plot. The story flows like a movie and takes the reader on a journey of  love with twist and turns. At some points, it seems dragged and stretched a bit too far. Pace is of the book is slow and predictable at sometimes. The paper quality of the book is very low.  A few printing and editing errors here and there need to be rectified.

One Time Read

Overall Ratings – 2.5/5 Star

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About the Author


Dr. Pradip Chauhan, an anatomist by profession works amidst dead and lives among lives. Passionate reading has brought out an author hidden in his soul who loves to write paranormal, romance and suspense. Known as ‘Prajwalit’ he is famous among offbeat book lovers because of his gripping plots and stories; ‘Love stories’ and ‘Ponytail: The love for revenge’ being best-seller from his pen has reached to thousands of hearts. His writings drag reader in the imaginary world where reader can perceive feelings scripted in his book. Born in Gujarat, India; he works in P.D.U. Government Medical College, Rajkot as Lecturer in Anatomy. Having more than 15 research articles published in international medical journal he has proved efficiency in area of research and medicine also.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. bibliogyan says:

    Sounds like Radha Krishna.. is there any parallel?


  2. Looks like a simple, easy read. Thanks for this review.


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