Book Review: Tinkling of the Bell Before it Rings by Sonika Shandilya



Book Title: Tinkling of the Bell Before it Rings
Author: Sonika Shandilya
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 184
Language: English
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Publishing Date: 13 September 2017
ISBN-10: 8188575542
ISBN-13: 978-8188575541

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.When Jai met Sakshi, by sheer chance, he couldn’t have imagined he’d one day be visiting Europe with her for a countryside fashion tour. All he heard was the tinkling of a bell somewhere in his heart. When Sakshi met Jai the next time, she barely knew their friendship would run deeper than anything she had ever wished for. He is an aspiring police officer and she wants to be a leading designer in the world of fashion. Will their different paths take them to the same destination we call love, or will hurdles change the way love happens? More than that, is love really enough? Join their journey as they find out in the Tinkling of the Bell… Before it Rings.

“…crisp and sharp… transparent yet likeable detailing…” – The Hindu

“A story born in her heart… that will bring a smile…” – Deccan Chronicle

“Songs carry [the] romance story forward…” – The Times of India

“There is a happy feel to the book… an eye for detailing…” – Telangana Today

“Debut author makes a splash…” – The Hans India

My Take

Starting from the cover of the book is beautiful but with some creativity, it could have been better. The title of the book “Tinkling of the Bell Before it Rings ” is intriguing from other usual romantic fictions, it indeed developed the curiosity within me to know what author meant by it. The reader shall pick the book up just after looking at it once, the blurb as compared to the story gives an apt just of the entire story.

This is the story of main protagonist Jai and Sakshi who accidentally met at Cinemax and for Jai it’s was a love at first sight. Soon they become friends and their friendship blossoming into a love affair. Jai is an aspiring police officer  on the other hand, Sakshi want’s to become a leading fashion designer. Will their choice of different career makes trouble in their new fond love? To know more about Sakshi and Jai grab the book.

The story is fast paced and plot of the book is simple with pure love and family bonding. The story flows like a movie and takes the readers on a journey to Paris with love on air, Bollywood type story with songs and dances with a happy ending, I think it’s better for a Bollywood blockbuster than a novel.

Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. The characters are well-developed and one can easily relate them. The narration is simple and engaging but some points, it seems dragged and stretched a bit too far. The book is free from any grammatical errors and has been perfectly edited.

I recommend this book to the readers who are seeking for a quick read or a light-hearted romantic novel. The book is simple, but it touches your heart.

Overall ratings 3/5 Star

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About the Author


Sonika Shandilya holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Punjabi University and loves to do creative things. Writing is something in which she pours her creativity and enjoys the concoction of words in a story. She enjoys life’s beauty in all its forms. She has made a home with her husband and two sons.

You can stalk at her @ FacebookInstagram

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    Great review! I may have to check this. One out

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    Great reviews 🌸

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    Sounds interesting.

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