Book Review: And We Walked Away by Subrat Saurabh

Book Title: And We Walked Away 
Author: Subrat Saurabh
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages:
Language: English
Publisher: Notion Press
Publishing Date: 1 edition (2018)
ISBN-10: 1643249606
ISBN-13: 978-1643249605

A heartwarming tale of love and friendship” ~ Shuchi Singh Kalra

And We Walked Away revolves around the friendship of three friends in college, with a love story blooming in their hearts. It connects to the kind of boys who are in love and keep trying to convince the same girl in different ways for a long time, not moving on in life. Also, it talks about the kind of girls who don’t believe in love but also, don’t want to take advantage of a boy’s feelings. The girls who are not conservative but don’t want to pursue love.

Abhimanyu, a well-known author returns to his engineering college in Bangalore after a decade and notices a lot of changes in the college over this period. It reminds him of how he met his ladylove, Naina on the first day of college and fell in love with her at the first sight. Abhimanyu, being an impulsive, stubborn and impatient guy decides to propose her in a rush. She doesn’t believe in love and has her own reasons for it. Abhimanyu with the help of his friends Aarush and Dev proposes and tries to convince Naina many times in unusual ways but he fails miserably. However, a trick helps to melt her heart, but destiny has a different plan

My Take

Starting from the cover of the book is an digital image of couples walking together under  umbrellas on a rainy day towards the campus. The title of the book “And We Walked Away” gives the reader an absolute idea that it’s going to be a love story and perfectly justifies the plot.

The story starts with Abhimanyu, engineer cum bestselling author returns to the top most reputed and prestigious college of Engineering in Bangalore, after a decade as a Chief Guest to deliver a speech on fresher’s day. Everything around the college made him evocative and some memories are still fresh like it just happened yesterday and the story enters into a flashback of college days, first day of college with his grandfather and advice, friendship with Dev and Aarush and Love at first sight Naina, exam, farewell, campus placement and more. Abhimanyu confess his love with Naina but Naina consider him as a true friend nothing more than that; she is a girl who doesn’t believe in love before marriage. Will Abhimanyu will be able to convince Naina about love? To know more read the book,

Plot is basically simple nothing new to give, same old college romance with a touch friendship, but what makes it beautiful and unique is the way it is written. I feel the blurb should be short and crisp, an elaborated blurb explains the complete story in summary.

Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. The Hindi poetry in between the chapters that were included according to the situations are enough to touch readers’ heart. If the Hindi poetry were translated into English it was much better since everyone will not able to understand it.

Pace of the story is slow and predictable at times. The characters are well-developed and one can easily relate them. The narration is simple and engaging but some points, it seems dragged and stretched a bit too far.

One Time Read

Overall Ratings- 2.5/5 Star

Grab the copy here-

About the Author

Subrat Saurabh is the author of the best seller book “Kuch Woh Pal”, which is a collection of Hindi poems. He is popularly known as ChickenBiryanii on social media. He is proficient in writing witty one-liners, a skill he employs on Twitter and Facebook using his penname. His opinions in the form of tweets often get viral on WhatsApp and are telecast and appreciated over the television channels and also, picked and published in leading newspapers.

He published his first book “Kuch Woh Pal” in 2017, which was widely appreciated and applauded. Added to being a writer, and poet, Subrat is also an avid blogger.

He completed his schooling from DAV JVM Shayamli, Ranchi, and pursued his engineering from KLESCET, Belgaum. An engineer by profession, Subrat is currently working as a Senior Consultant in Wipro Ltd. and lives in Bangalore with his wife, Poonam and his daughter, Sejal.

Subrat Saurabh can be contacted through –

  1. Email –
  2. Twitter – @ChickenBiryanii
  3. Facebook – @subratsaurabhtheauthor or @ChickenBiryanii

Website –

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaradhya Verma says:

    You have an eye for detail. You have highlighted each and every aspect of the book.


  2. Chitranjan Yadav says:

    lovely cover


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