Interview with Sujata Chatterjee

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee, is a post graduate in Anaesthesiologist from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. She has also passed  Journalism from the Delhi School of Journalism. She was a regular writer in the Woman’s Era magazine, in the column, “The Patient I Can Never Forget”. She has authored 2 books, THE FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, a collection of short stories and LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM:SPECTRUM, a collection of motivational poems. She has also co- authored 4 more books, which is in the stage of publishing. She is the receiver of many awards, like Shonghoti Sammanam award, Hundred inspiring authors of India by The INDIAN AWAZ TEAM, and the WINNER AWARD by NATIONAL BOOK HONOR AWARDS TEAM for her literary works. She runs an e-magazine Elitte, under the heading Elitte People’s Magazine, Elitte Health, Elitte Kitchen, Elitte Travels and Tours, Elitte’s Indpirational Quotes, Elitte’s Beautiful Women, Sirf Sari, Bewitched etc.

A couple of easy questions to begin with… First off, what inspires you to write?

When I am alone and going through books and writings of different authors a feeling of energy develops within the core of my heart and soul. This drive gives me the impetus to pick up a pen and start writing. Any interesting event immediately gives green signals to my ideas and I start writing.

What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand?

Computer and fountain pen, both work best for me. Only writing with pen is not enough. Nowadays the manuscript has to be typed neatly on a computer and mailed to the publishers.

Please tell us something more about your book?

Till now I have authored 2 books. One is FLIGHTS OF FANTASY,  a collection of short stories of different flavors and the other is LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM : SPECTRUM, a collection of motivational poetry. In addition to these, I have co-authored 4 books which are still in the publishing stage.

Can you tell us about your writing process? What’s a typical writing day for you?  Doctor and writer, how does it feel to blend these two in your life?

For concentrating on writing, I need a peaceful atmosphere, far from the madding crowd. Once I start writing, I cannot stop, until I have finished the chapter or the poem. The words which overflow from my mind have to be penned down immediately, or else it would lose the impetus.

A typical writing day for me is the one where I have satisfactorily composed with a lot of emotions, a poem or an essay or a story. Re-reading the composition and editing it to my satisfaction is my prime concern.


I am a Doctor by profession and an author by passion. The hours in the daytime is dedicated to my profession seriously. Attending OPD’s, looking after patients, attending health meetings and health camps, working in ITU’s and Operation theatres, all take up a lot of my time.

By evening I complete my work and after freshening up, I start my activities of reading and writing. I still attend phone calls or whatsapp of the patients and their relatives. Once I am through, I sit with my pen to write, take part in contests, writing reviews, composing poems and stories, writing articles.

Other than writing, what are you most passionate about?


I am very passionate about travelling to new destinations. Already, as an avid traveler, I have been to most of the places in India and abroad. I collect mementos from every place and they are showcased at my home.

I am also great admirer lf music. I like to listen to my favorite songs and love to sing too. Though a bathroom singer, I love to participate in musical programs.

In addition, I was a school champion in Badminton. Table tennis is also one of my favorite sport.

A random one: words heal, so does medicines. Which according to you heals better?

Medicines though bitter can heal ailments of the body. You become stronger and healthier. On the contrary, words heal the maladies of the soul. Both heal the heart… Medicines heal an ailment of the heart, whereas words heal the wounds of the heart.

Can you account for anybody who has never been to a hospital or consulted a doctor? It’s just unthinkable. Hence Physician’s dose is a need for a human being. But words bring soothing relief to those suffering from agony of the mind and soul. Words lessen the pain of the sore heart and medicines soothe the body.

Does it get frustrating if you are unable to recall an idea you had in your mind some time earlier?

You know sometimes I cannot recall a certain word or an expression and when I am at the helm of writing, it’s frustrating to me. But I do not dwell on it for more than a few seconds. I swiftly change my way of expression and write down an alternative word or a sentence. The more you try to ponder on that problem, the more frustrated you shall be. Its best to leave that idea for that moment and continue your work with alternatives. You can easily incorporate the idea later, if it suits. This is called WRITER’S BLOCK and it happens to every writer.

Do you recall the first ever book/novel you read?

Yes, I do recall sometimes, the first book I have read. This was as a child. I still remember the famous author ENID BLYTON’s  books Mr. Pink Whistle and Mr Meddle’s Muddles.

Subsequently, I went on to read many other ENID BLYTON books like the FAMOUS FIVES and ST. CLARES and MALORY TOWERS.

What are your top three favorite books of all time?


Why did you choose the genre of short stories?  You could have written a novel as well! I am interested, rather curious about that part. Mostly, people write novels these days… what’s your view? 

Short stories are rather welcome these days by people working in corporate sectors. They are too busy to read novels and they lose the continuity once they pause to finish pending work. Most of my friends work in corporate sectors and they expressed their views to me before I had thought of writing a book.

Please tell me about poetry? What is your perception about poetry?

Poetry is the emotions of an author, overflowing as words and expressions. I believe that every poet is emotional by nature. A poem touches that typical chord in the hearts and souls of the reader which a poet is trying to reach.

Moving to the next, what inspires you most to write a poem? Any certain object? Any certain idea or someone special?

The lovely nature with hills, rivers, lakes, seas, trees sunset, sunrise, moon, stars, seasons, rain, rainbows all inspire me to write down poems. Some memorable events in the past or my son, or my mom always encourage me to pen down a few lines. Sometimes a thought or a lovely dream materializes into a poem.

As a poet, are you satisfied with your poetry? And the same, as a reader, what do you think of your own writings?

Until I am satisfied with my work, I do not cease writing. Nor do I share my poem in social networking site or publish it anywhere before I am thoroughly happy with my composition. Hence as a reader, I always think that my writings should touch that chord of the readers, which I am trying to reach. I feel that my poetry positively influences my readers.

What would you say is your biggest failure in life?

My biggest failure in life is that I have never joined politics and I do not understand politics.

What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die?

I want my books to be a best seller and want to have a fan club which goes mad when they see me. I want my readers to click pictures with me, take my autograph and read and be mesmerized by my books.

A message for aspiring poets and writers?

Please write on. Do not stop writing, even if you are down.

I would like to thank you earnestly for the time and your answers mam.

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  1. Shalini says:

    Great interview. It is nice to see her fulfilling both her passions

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  2. Yes! It’s really amazing. As far i remember your also a doctor and still find out time for reading and blogging. Kudos to you to 🤗🤗🤗

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  3. Shalini says:

    Hahaha… Ayushi.. I don’t practice much now… I only advice and consult now😂😂


  4. Lovely review, Ashi! She sounds like a busy and inspiring woman!


  5. Asha Venu says:

    great interview


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