Book Review: PiKu & ViRu: A Fan-Actor Drama by Priyanka Agarwal


Book Title: PiKu & ViRu: A Fan-Actor Drama
Author: Priyanka Agarwal
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 420
Language: English
Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Publishing Date: 2018


‘Is my celebrity crush my soulmate?’

A traumatising theft on assignment leaves 28-year-old travel content writer Piyanjali Kumari with this crazy epiphany. Her numerous attempts to meet TV star Vian Rustom go in vain. That’s when her guardian angel tells her the one thing she needs to do to make things happen. Desperate, she takes the plunge. But sh*t keeps going wrong. And PiKu realises her story with ViRu is destined to end in only one way—heartbreak.

Will PiKu be able to win ViRu’s love? Will she get the relationship of her dreams? Or will it become the darkest nightmare of her life?

PiKu & ViRu is an inspirational, emotional roller coaster that promises to take you places. Especially if you loved movies such as 500 Days of Summer and Tamasha.

My Take

Some stories sound common but they have substantial mettle to impress you, for example, the movie Fan – it was revolving around a fan and the superstar. I like all movies and novels scratched on the similar themes. In these stories, a commoner goes into the world of uncommon people, explores their intricacies with his/her naive eyes. How the naive feel there – either trapped or bemused or loved, that all makes up for a spruced up story. Yeah…in this novel I felt the same. Piku is a simple girl who tried entering the world of Vian – obsessed, ostentatious, glamorous and selfish. Of course, people who work in the cinema industry are good at looks and manners, but they are not available for all. There is some limit to everything that they do.

Probably, Piku, the simple girl, who works as a travel content writer, does not understand this. She is a bit emotional and childlike….yes…imagine she is daring to fall in love with a celebrity guy when she herself is an ordinary girl.

What actuates her to do that, I remain befuddled. Anyway, she goes ahead and daringly gets acquainted with the celebrity guy named Vian. On the other hand, he considers her as a useful resource that can help him with his website and some personal community-related project in the US. I find him good and appropriate. What if he does not want to fall in love with anyone because of his roles and aspirations? Does it mean that the guy is bad or not for you? Understanding the differences and distance is more important in relationships and friendships than immolating others for personal motifs.

I know my take on this book is the other way round, I found Piku stubborn for her crush, while Vian sounded real. Another amazing thing is that despite their proximity and romance fiction, the story sees no intimate scenes, I am sure if the same book has been written by Shobha De or Suchi  Kalra, it would have had numerous lovemaking scenes in it.

It will be unfair to ignore the brilliance of the author; she has done a commendable job to justify her characters, life in Mumbai and outside. All in all, Priyanka is a good storyteller – she has that grain in it.

Other than love, we get familiar with other traits in the story such as heartbreak, as in why is it important in shaping life and achieving goals, heartbreak gives you a chance to test your relationship, etc. Also, it is funny to see that when Vian refuses to plunge into relationship abyss with Piku, subsequently she turns spiteful, so do others around her. I mean I saw people making fun of Viru for no valid reason. Were people jealous of him? Yes, people are jealous of celebrities…since they do themselves cannot achieve that in life.

It is 420-page read, take your time and read it in leisure. Not like someone who was hurried to finish the book in one sitting. Some books take time, I understand.

Overall Ratings 4/5 Star

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About the Author:


Priyanka Agarwal was born in Mumbai to a businessman father and lawyer-turned-homemaker mother. A B.Com graduate, her first tryst with professional writing began in 2007 for JLT (Just Like That), a youth-focused publication by the Times of India group.

Later, she gave up her MBA dream to work for three years each in the editorial departments of Spenta Multimedia and Condé Nast India. Besides being a blogger, Priyanka is now a freelance writer and copyeditor since 2017, with bylines in Condé Nast Traveller India, Architectural Digest India, Film Companion and JetWings, among others. PiKu & ViRu is her first book.

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