Book Review: Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang


Book Title: Gift of Confidence Miracles Can Happen Easily 
Author: Rohit Narang 
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 148 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India 
Publishing Date: 25 August 2018
ISBN-10: 9781543703542
ISBN-13: 978-1543703542


Everyone, in a family of reputed professionals of the town, has been successful in cracking the World’s toughest exam in their first attempt but Pancham is unable to maintain the legacy.

Father is furious at Pancham’s failure. Pancham thinks if he dies, the society won’t trouble his family. Before the thought could take the shape of reality, an affectionate mother calms him down and sends him to the Sikh temple, where he meets a weird looking stranger with whom he takes an emotional roller coaster of conversations.

Based on actual events, the story is influenced by the author’s life who refused to believe the crowd and made his path for an unbelievable achievement.

My Take

Wow! ‘He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God.’ What a message to kick start this powerful book. Indeed a true book is that which makes positive influence on the reader’s mind.

As I read and review many books throughout the year, I am happy that I am closing my year with this encouraging book written by Rohit Narang. I liked this book above all the self-help or motivational books that I read this year, because it is so simple to understand that I read it twice without caring for my time slots for other books.

As I said above, I found this book fitting well in the motivational and self-help genre, however the main theme of the book is to motivate students from all spheres of field, whether they are preparing for IAS, MBA, IIT, CA, or any other exam, there is some special mental preparation which one has to take in order to succeed. Not all people understand the meaning of success mantra for clearing exams or other hurdles in life, well those who are passionate enough care to learn it at any cost.

By now you must have guessed that if the book is meant for students, then it should have a student as a protagonist with malleable heart and mind. Yeah… you are right. We got Pancham – very simple and straightforward boy. He failed first time in life – that’s what he understood – when his CA final year exams popped out of a website. Here onwards the boy gets into depression and social stigma, but for me the story starts now, as this honest boy magically resurrects himself to the point of appreciable eminence. What will he do? You got to find out yourself?

Well, how did he do? What are the important tips for studying for any exam preparation? How to gain a level of confidence for clearing exams and preparation?  All your answers lie in this book – the story of Pancham has the power to change the lives of millions of aspiring students who struggle a lot in the process of making to the final frontier. Amazing piece of motivation and inspiration through the voice of Pancham!

A lovely read…it is convincingly a 5 out of the 5-star book. Go for it confidently and see what confidence can do to you – I mean miracles.

Grab the copy here-

About the Author


Rohit Narang is an accomplished storyteller who enjoys inspiring others to achieve their dreams. He has delivered thousands of lectures on various subjects. His audiences love him. He is a practicing chartered accountant in the city of Golden Temple.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome review


  2. This sounds like a really interesting and motivating read. I also like the cover!


  3. This sounds like an interesting book. Adding to my to-read list.


  4. What a lovely and inspiring review, Ashi! ♥️


  5. Mind blowing review


  6. Please read my first post


  7. Nice review! I’ve never been interested in self-help books, but this looks like an intriguing read. 🙂


  8. Nice review! I haven’t heard of this book before, but I am glad to see that you loved it so much 🙂


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