Cover Reveal: The Butcher Book Series Tatum & Kallista


I have a cover reveal for you today!

••  Cover Reveal  •• 

The Butcher Book Series

Tatum & Kallista

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Now time for cover reveal are you excited?




















Ready . . .








Set . . .













Reveal . . .















Book 1 of The Butcher Book Series.



Everyone has nightmares but the silent girl from Tatum’s is crossing over to reality and when she does, someone dies.

In a quiet little neighbourhood, murders are about to rock the community’s happy existence but only Tatum can make the connection between seeing the girl from her nightmare and the deaths that are occurring.

The second time it happens another person dies.

By the third time Tatum is left needing answers.

She has to ask, is she next?

“Twisted and dark, Tatum will leave you wanting more. “ – Toni Cox, Author of the Elemental Saga.

Tatum ->







Book 2 of The Butcher Book Series.


All her life Kalli thought that her sister had lost her mind, seeing a ghost everywhere and associating it with death. Kalli wants her own answers though, and spends her life working towards being granted access to the Butcher files and solving the deaths that rocked their community all those years ago.

Things take a turn for the worst when the haunting figure from her sisters’ twisted mind starts appearing to Kalli and she is left questioning her sanity and whether the Butcher is back.

Kalli must find the answers before its too late.

Before she sees the skeleton girl one more time.

Before she meets her own demise.

“Chilling and terrifying from beginning to end and excellently written.” – Shan Dinnie.

Kallista ->



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  1. Shalini says:

    Yayyy Ayushi, lovely cover reveal… I loved the ready get set go… Fabulous..
    Thank you so much for this post 😍


  2. I love the design on these covers! 😮


  3. Please read my first post


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