ARL Literary Awards Shortlist 2018

We are pleased to present the short list of ARL Literary Awards 2018. Each and every book which we had received is extremely interesting, the author have made stupendous efforts to present in front of us a masterpiece of a book, with lots of trials and tribulations we are here with the long list of following categories.

1. Best Child Author Shortlist, 2018

Best Child Author Shortlist.jpg

Goan Chase by Richa Sambhy Mediratta

The Gorgeous Dozen by Vivek Aiyyar

Wizards X Beasts by Rubayata Umeed

Twenty Three: Collection of Short Stories by Bikramjit Sen

2. Best Debut Author Shortlist, 2018

Best Debut Author Shortlist.jpg

Beyond Love Lines by Krish

Tarikshir the Awakening by Khayaal Patel

The End- Ketu’s Era by Vineet Pandey

My Love is Away from Mortality by Vansh Arora

Woman Everything Will Be Fine by Reshmi Trivedi

3. Best Author Shortlist, 2018

Best Author Shortlist.jpg

The Mind Game by Devika Das

Sandcastles by Sana Rose

Trickster by Vinaya Bhagat

Until Love Sets us Apart by Aditya Nighhot

The Flying Dreams by Akshaya Sharma

 4. Best Poet Shortlist, 2018

Best Poet Shortlist.jpg

Her Random Thoughts by Jagriti Roy

Nomad and His Rhymes by Aashiesh Agarwaal

Beyond words And Between the lines by Noren

Journey into the Dark and the Light by Annabel Harz

Looking Through The Prism: Spectrum by Sujata Chatterjee

5. Most Influential Author Shortlist, 2018

Best Most influential author Shortlist.jpg

Devika Das

Vishnu Kanchan

Aditya Nighhot


Best Wishes and Congratulations to the listed authors.

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