ARL Literary Service

  1. Editing Services

Should you be trusted after writing hundreds of pages worth of manuscripts? To err is human but your audience will not hold back any opinions. Safest bet you ask? Editing services help you out at the time of need and makes sure you do not end up getting sacked because of a misplaced comma or minor grammatical error.


  1. Proof Reading

You cannot be expected to come up with the idea and execute it to a level that might not need a second look. But can you compromise on your manuscript and risk failure? We help to take your manuscript to an impeccable level with the help of proof reading. Steer away from minor mistakes and achieve the success you deserve.


  1. Cover Designing

Who doesn’t want their book to be sold out? People might say that you should not judge a book by its cover, but it is human nature to do just that. Thus, making your book a success comes easy when the exterior looks enticing. Cover designing is the best way to catch a reader’s attention and the only reason they should pick it up from the bookshelf.


  1. Publishing

What is the use of coming up with a game changing idea but not sharing it with the public? Your work should set you apart from the rest and give you an identity that no one can deny. Publishing is the way to go. It helps you get recognised and if it is a hit with the public, you might just end up with big bags of money.


  1. Distribution

Reaching your target audience is vital when trying to sell a book or any piece of art. Thus distribution plays a major role in building your campaign and making sure your book reaches the projected sales. You have invested several months and sometimes years to execute an idea; distribution helps you reach the climax it deserves.


  1. Press Release

Releasing a book without a press release is equivalent to announcing the book at a family gathering and keeping it inside a locked box. A press release helps you reach your audience and increases awareness about your piece of art. There might be readers who are not engaged with the publishing world but might want to acquire your art. Should you risk your success on word-of-mouth?


  1. Book Review

Life moves faster than anticipated. Reading a book without having context will only waste your precious time. Fret not. Book reviews are your best friend. Book reviewers help you save money and time. It brings the cream of the crop to you so that you can select a book that will only give you satisfaction.


  1. Author Interview

Books might have a personality of their own. But the author is the one who inculcates the personality into the book. Thus author interviews help you select the book based on the personality of the writer. So from the next time do not forget to read the interview before making a purchase to get a bang for your buck.


  1. Video Review

Words can be misleading. But facial expressions always seal the deal. Video reviews thus have an added edge over written ones. Who does not want content that is both informative and interesting? A lot of information about the book can be given out in a short amount of time. These are ideal for readers who do not wish to read reviews prior to buying the actual book, but also need to be well informed before making a commitment.


  1. Video Interview

Do you want to read a book before actually reading the book? Confused? But reading a long author interview can seem like a never-ending book in itself. A video interview serves the purpose of educating an audience about the book and the author. It is a great combination and often more interesting than reading author interviews located at the backside of the book.


  1. Book Launch

Isn’t it imperative that you will want your book to get the attention it deserves? If the publishing house has agreed to launch your book, go for it. It is the best way to make your audience aware of your book.


  1. Book Marketing

Do you want to reach more readers and subsequently sell more books? You need a great marketing team to do just that. Book marketing is done by qualified professionals and helps your book sell. These professionals give you a forecast of the probable sales of your book after considering all the factors during marketing.


  1. Blog Tour

It is highly possible that you are reading this online. How many times do you glance at the phone during work? How many times have you swayed away from your research when you saw an interesting blog post? If you have answers for all the above questions, you will clearly know why promoting your work before release is vital for sales.


  1. Digital Marketing

Newspapers are becoming obsolete because you can read the news on your phone. Similarly you can do anything under the sun with the help of the internet. Marketing your book on the digital platform such as websites, social media, email and mobile apps give an added boost to your marketing strategy that you can milk during sales.


  1. Content Writing

Haven’t heard about content writing? Then you must have been living under a rock! Content writing has become synonymous with college goers and people who hope to work part time. You can earn some easy money by writing about things your client wants. It is accessible whenever and wherever you want. And the only tools you need are the internet and a laptop or a phone.


  1. Creative Writing

Do you love writing? If you want to write but are not interested in following rules, creative writing is your best bet. There is no set format and you can let the creative juices flow. You can simply put your imagination down into the paper and get appreciated for it.


  1. Author Website Development

You don’t trust Wikipedia, do you? But where do you go to get information about an author? An author website is important for both the reader and the author, especially if the author is new to the world of publishing.


  1. Social Media Marketing

How many hours do you spend on social media? It isn’t a modest number i bet. So why should authors leave out the opportunity to engage you on social media platforms as well? Social media marketing is the need of the hour and it gives you an edge over other authors who do not wish to go for it.


  1. Book trailer

If movies can have trailers, why can’t books have the same? Afterall books contain so much more information and vivid descriptions that films cannot fathom to capture. Book trailers are a way of reaching the part of the audience who are not up to date with book launches at stores but can prove to be profitable clients.


  1. Graphic designing

Cover designs are a vital part of any book marketing campaigns. They can make or break a deal. Thus graphic designs on the cover of a book makes it look more appealing, thereby rewarding for the author and the publishing house simultaneously. So, what are you waiting for ? Allow us to do it for you.